Upcoming Pilgrimages

Join Corporate Travel on one of these life changing pilgrimages:

Join Damascus in the Holy Land on Pilgrimage with Dan & Amber, Aaron & Monica and Father Patrick Schultz

Israel | Feb 18, 2023 - Feb 27, 2023

“Lord, let your dust be upon me.” Respond with us to Jesus’ invitation to ‘Come and follow’ Him like never before, through modern-day Galilee, Nazareth, Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Together we will share daily Mass, Spirit-filled messages, and powerful prayer encounters as we walk where Jesus walked. Rather than a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ encounter with Christ, we believe this will be a turning point for new life that endures.

In the Footsteps of Jesus with Pilgrimage with Purpose and Fr. Tom Reitmeyer

Israel | Mar 09, 2022 - Mar 18, 2022

Pilgrimage with Purpose and Fr. Tom Reitmeyer invite you on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Celebrate daily Mass at biblical sites throughout Israel; pray and meditate on the Stations of the Cross and the decades of the Rosary at the actual sites; sail on the Sea of Galilee; and renew your wedding vows at Cana and baptismal promises in the Jordan River!

Saints & Shrines of Italy – March 2022

Italy | Mar 18, 2022 - Mar 28, 2022

With Steve & Janet Ray and Teresa Tomeo from North to South thru Italy
18 March 2022 to 28 March 2022 - Main Pilgrimage
28 March 2022 to 01 April 2022 - Rome Extension

Steve & Janet Ray "We have taken this pilgrimage many times before and it is one of their favorites and a favorite among their pilgrims. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and we will start in the mountains of the north, through the heartland, along the Adriatic Coast, and all the way to Rome.

We visit the most amazing shrines and churches along the way."

Join Steve & Janet Ray, and Teresa Tomeo and her husband Deacon Dominick on this pilgrimage – but also a culinary and cultural adventure. We will have wine tasting, cooking classes, special guides like Liz Lev and more.

Only offered every few years, so come join Steve & Janet in 2022!


Kentucky | Apr 07, 2022 - Apr 10, 2022

The Bourbon Trail of Kentucky is Americana at its finest. Historic age-old distilleries use the natural resources of this beautiful land to make whiskeys that are authentically, and characteristically, American. But the verdant, rolling hills of Kentucky also offer another means of escape and relaxation, which are its world-class golf courses. We invite you to gather your closest Notre Dame friends and family and join us on a tour that combines pristine, picturesque golf courses with warm, relaxing tastings of America’s finest whiskey. And beyond mere tastings, our journey through the Bourbon Trail explores the history, art, and processes of distilling.

St. Dominic Parish Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of St. John Paul II

Poland & Italy | Apr 19, 2022 - Apr 30, 2022

Join Fr. Michael and the St. Dominic Parish community on a spiritual pilgrimage to Poland and Italy! It promises to be a journey of faith renewal and fellowship as you travel in the footsteps of the great saint, Pope John Paul II. Begin in his home country of Poland and pray at the beautiful sites that led him on the path to sainthood! Conclude the pilgrimage in Rome, where you can venerate the tomb of this beloved saint and enjoy la dolce vita!

Join us in Poland to celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy – April 2022!

Poland | Apr 19, 2022 - Apr 30, 2022

Travel to Poland to celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy at the Divine Mercy Shrine. Walk in the footsteps of beloved saints, including Sr. Maria Faustina and St. Maximilian Kolbe. The choir will have the special honor of singing with the Divine Mercy Shrine Choir on the Feast of Divine Mercy. St. John Paul II, pray for us!

Come back for updates. Exact date of Travel will be confirmed in October 2021.

Footprints of God Signature Series in the Holy Land

Israel | Apr 20, 2022 - Apr 29, 2022

Produced by Steve & Janet Ray creators of the Footprints of God Documentaries, Israel Experts, and International Author & Speaker.

This "Signature Series" Footprints of God Pilgrimage is an up close and personal experience with Steve and Janet Ray hosting throughout your visit to the Holy Land!

Join EWTN on a pilgrimage to Italy

Italy | Apr 21, 2022 - Apr 28, 2022

Join Fr. Mark Mary, MFVA on an exclusive, invitation-only pilgrimage with EWTN to Italy, for a journey of faith and spiritual renewal. Experience the peace, grace, and simplicity of the beautiful oasis of Assisi, home of St. Francis and St. Clare. Visit the magnificent Duomo in Orvieto on your way to Rome. Then marvel at the saints, basilicas, and shrines in the Eternal City, and take special “behind the scenes” tours at the Vatican.

Experience the Holy Land with Fr. Tony Sulkowski

Israel | May 03, 2022 - May 12, 2022

Join Fr. Tony Sulkowski on pilgrimage to the Holy Land! Celebrate daily Mass at biblical sites throughout Israel; allow the mysteries of the rosary to come alive; pray and meditate on the Stations of the Cross; sail on the Sea of Galilee; renew your wedding vows at Cana and baptismal promises in the Jordan River! The gospels will never be the same after this life-changing experience


Ireland | May 08, 2022 - May 15, 2022

The 62-mile ancient path of St. Declan is very much a journey back in time linking the historic ecclesiastical centers of Ardmore in County Waterford and Cashel in County Tipperary.

St. Declan brought Christianity to a region of Waterford around 415 AD, shortly before the arrival of St. Patrick to Ireland. St. Patrick did not come further south than Cashel in his mission to bring the Christian story to the people of Ireland. St. Declan left Ardmore in Waterford and made the journey to Cashel to meet St. Patrick on many occasions, which gave rise to the pilgrim’s route!

St. Declan’s Way remains faithful to the medieval pilgrimage and trading routes etched on the landscape through the centuries. Following these ancient trails with a local expert Irish Brother will leave imprints that will last a lifetime. On our Camino, we quite literally walk in the steps of those who have gone before. When our own stories merge with the stories of old, it is there the magic happens.

Join the the Traveling Irish on this journey!