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Pilgrimages by Corporate Travel CTS

“I have been traveling professionally and for vacation for almost 50 years. The folks at Corporate Travel are simply the best at anticipating needs and possible and sometimes inevitable travel hiccups. I highly recommend!”

—Bishop Joseph L. Coffey

Archdiocese for the Military Services

"Corporate Travel is amazing. Their nonstop energy, spirit of service, and professionalism all find their source in one divinely inspired motive: to share the beauty and goodness of LIFE with as many people as possible. That’s not just a job. That’s a calling for the CTS Team, and it’s felt throughout the entire staff.”

                                     —Chris Stefanick

                          Author and Evangelist

“Superlative in every way! My wife and I had begun planning a trip for our family to Lourdes and Rome when we quickly realized this was anything but easy. Thankfully, a friend recommended that we contact Corporate Travel. From the moment we touched down in Rome, everything was set – private transportation, hotels, restaurant reservations – our entire trip. With Corporate Travel’s help, my family and I spent our pilgrimage focusing on all the right things instead of the worries of planning our travel.”

—Graham Beal

Director, Detroit Institute of Arts

“Corporate Travel is a leader in hospitality. There is a deep level of care not only for a successful trip but that each trip is crafted to facilitate encounter. Encounter with each site visited, with the other pilgrims and most importantly, with Jesus. CTS has regularly gone above and beyond to ensure that each week long trip we’ve taken offers a lifelong impact! Extremely grateful for their expertise and professionalism.”


                                 —Fr. Mike Schmitz

                         Bible in a Year Podcast

“I have partnered with Corporate Travel Service for several years serving thousands of pilgrims on our highly acclaimed pilgrimages to the Holy Land and all of the Biblical lands including Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Jordan. It would be our pleasure to serve you and your Diocese. As believers, we love Our Lord and Lady but to walk in their footprints in the very places they lived is to be changed forever.”

                                              —Steve Ray

                                   Footprints of God

“I give my highest praise and endorsement for Corporate Travel for all they have done for The Papal Foundation. All of the team assisting Corporate’s global family of travelers are superb.”


                                   —James V. Coffey

        Vice President of Advancement 

                          The Papal Foundation

“I would like to offer my earnest recommendation of Corporate Travel Service as an exemplary host-company for Catholic pilgrimages.”


             —Most Rev. Allen H. Vigneron

                     Archbishop of Detroit, MI


“While there are many tours and cruises available to travel in the footprints of St. Paul, the professionalism, dedication, and most importantly, the thoroughly genuine spirit of Catholic faith, distinguished this pilgrimage among others in every way!”


                        — Rev. James D. Conley

                            Bishop of Lincoln, NE

“Working with Corporate Travel has been a wonderful experience!”


                                      —Ellen Switzer

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