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Pilgrimages by Corporate Travel CTS

Pilgrimage & Faith Based Travel


Experience unique spiritual journeys on one of our Pilgrimage & Faith Based special events. Our pilgrims have exclusive opportunities and unique encounters of faith.  Our service provides worry-free travel, allowing our pilgrims to focus more fully and experience more profoundly our rich Christian heritage.

pilgrimage experiences by cts

Catholic convert, apologist, and producer and host of Footprints of God documentary video series, Steve Ray has visited the Holy Land over one hundred times. Despite this impressive record, people who have traveled on a pilgrimage with him say that Steve’s enthusiasm sparkles and crackles like that of a first-timer, rivaling only his knowledge in first-rate guide qualities. 

Footprints of God Pilgrimages

faith based pilgrimages

The upcoming National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis is going to be a Catholic event unlike any other! Experience the profound spirituality and communal celebration of faith alongside your group. As the preferred pilgrimage partner, we specialize in organizing unforgettable group journeys, fostering spiritual growth within a vibrant community.

2024 Eucharistic Congress

st. peter's square, vatican

In 2025 the Catholic Church will celebrate the Ordinary Jubilee that takes place every 25 years. On this occasion, diff­erent groups travel to Rome on pilgrimage to celebrate the Holy Year. Attending is a unique chance to deepen your spiritual connection, seek forgiveness, and unite with the global Catholic community in the heart of Rome. Don't miss this historic opportunity!

2025 Jubilee Year

cts pilgrimage experiences

Get away with your spouse on a fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating Catholic cruise that will change your marriage forever! This Caribbean cruise, produced in partnership with Ave Maria Radio, features presentations by inspiring speakers, daily Mass, beautiful port cities, and endless memorable experiences.

Good News Cruise

Our Valued Partners

santorini greece

Join Chris Stefanick, Fr. Joe Krupp, and Sarah Kroger on this once in a lifetime scenic land & sea pilgrimage to Greece in the path of St. Paul. Visit some of the country's most picturesque islands and coastal cities while deepening your understanding of our Catholic faith, savoring delicious Greek cuisine, and exploring sites of cultural significance.

Journey of St. Paul

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